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Extended Fishing Report: Friday 2018-10-26


The Full Moon will have the fish on the bite. Today's conditions are looking okay early with some northerly chop in the afternoon, with with winds Northwest to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots with seas around 1 metre. Tomorrow, conditions will be workable with winds up to 15 knots. North Reef's had pearl perch, venus tusk fish, grass sweetlip, Maori cod, gold spot cod and small snapper. Snapper, cobia, yellow tail kingfish, long tail tuna, tusk fish from the Gneerings and Caloundra Wide. Snapper, pearl perch, cobia, jew and tusk fish from the Barwon Banks. Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner had the crew from the Noosa Yachtie Offshore Fishing Club onboard for a full day trip on Sunday, headed north to Double Island Point. The guys put an impressive bag of fish together including large mouth nannygai, gold band snapper, cobia, gold spot cod, tusk fish and a heap of snapper in the 2-4kg range. www.fishingnoosa.com.au/noosacharters.htm As you can see, Double Island Point has consistently had good catches. There's been trout red emperor, snapper, pearl perch, hussar, tuskfish, big cod and sweetlip 20 nm reefs, East of the Wide Bay Bar.

Out and around Hervey Bay: Now that conditions have settled down the fishing will be good. A few bigger spanish mackerel, longtail tuna and mack tuna as well as somd excellent quality golden trevally are feeding throughout the bay and Platypus Bay region. School mackerel and trevally are also on throughout the straits and bay around reefs and beacons. Try the tributaries of the Burrum river for GT's, tarpon, jacks and queenfish. A few threadfin salmon, jacks, grunter bream and a few good barramundi are starting to show up in the Susan, Burrum and Mary Rivers and throughout the Sandy Straits. Always worth a try for plenty of bream, a few school mackerel, bonito, flathead and whiting off and around the Urangan Jetty.

Estuaries and Beaches

Fraser Island: With the full moon phase and as the and there are some decent gutters forming along the ocean beaches it's worth a try for jew and tailor in the deeper gutters along the eastern beach, at dawn and dusk, or over night. A few good sand whiting, bream and good dart in the shallow gutters. On the western side of Fraser island there’s been plenty of whiting and catches of flathead and solid trevally along the beaches, while in the creeks and the flats there’s a few good solid bream, flathead and mangrove jack as well as a few mud crabs on the move with the run of freshwater.

Rainbow Beach: Try for dart, and whiting in the gutters all along the beach from Inskip Point to Double Island Point. Try for jew and bigger tailor in the gutters particularly at night. A few good whiting, bream and dart up the beach and around Inskip Point. Mangrove jack and grunter bream in the creeks in Tin Can Bay, there's also, whiting, bream,and plenty of good quality flathead and good size fighting golden and giant trevally. There have been some good muddies potted in the creeks and moving through the Bay.

Local Dams and Rivers: It will be worth putting your Redclaw pots in the shallow edges as the water levels have risen over vegetation. Try some of these vegetarian baits, by using overripe rockmelon, kiwifruit and watermelon as well as pumpkin, potatoes and peas. Being omnivorous,they also prey on other aquatic organisms.They will eat dying or dead fish. Brine shrimp, worms, and bloodworms will also work. Redclaw are primarily nocturnal feeders, with the peak times at sunrise and sunset. But the bass and golden perch are still on the bite in the dams.Bass and golden perch at Boondooma Dam, with the best bite in the mornings around the timbered arms or in the deep water in the middle stretch. Bjelke Dam has has good numbers of schooling bass between the boat ramps. Check out Southern Queensland Fishing facebook page, for more Dam and other comprehensive fish catch, Information including https://www.facebook.com/MatthewMottSportsFishing live weekly Report. Borumba Dam has had saratoga on the surface on fly feeding around the shallow edges of the dam as well as bass on shallow diving lures around the snaggy banks as well as in the shallow weed beds and around lilypads. Also some good schooling bass in main Basin.

Noosa: There's flathead to 65cm off the Sand Bags near the Noosa Dog Beach on Monday. Try for flathead, trevally and bream around the mouth. Flathead and trevally around Woods Bay area. A couple of flathead 60cm and 52cm caught and released just before Lake Cooroibah , caught on pilchard baits. Mud crabs pretty well throughout all the systems and in Noosa Waters Canal.
Maroochydore: Bill Conn caught two 50 cm + golden trevally on Monday near the Cod Hole. A few elbow slapper whiting feeding in the lower river. Whiting, bream, grunter bream and flathead throughout the river. Plenty of mud crabs throughout the river.

Mooloolaba: Bream and good golden trevally from the boat moorings. Whiting and flathead from La Balsa Sand basin. Cod, whiting and grunter from the Twin Bridges. Mud crabs in the canals and middle river.

Caloundra: Whiting, grunter bream, bream and golden trevally feeding throughout the passage as the water clears up and mud crabs in the creeks. Bream, flathead and crabs in Pelican Waters Canal.

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eddie27cm bream

Eddie Hoskins with a solid 27 cm bream off Chambers Island on Sunday.

Xander Whiting

Keen young angler Xander Melnacis, with an elbow slapped Whiting taken off Chambers Islands. Well done Xander!

Baily Watt Borumba

Check out keen angler Bailey Watt with a nice fat bass caught and released recently in Borumba Dam.

Bailey WattLake Macdonald

Keen angler, Bailey Watt with a couple of nice bass caught and released recently in Lake MacDonald.

55cm Trevally Bill Conn 

Bill Conn with one of the 2 golden trevally he caught and released in the Maroochy River this week.

Harry Long Snapper

Harry Spangled

Snapper Harry Long

Suzie and Dave would like to officially welcome Harry Long into the Rainbow Escape Charters Team as a new skipper.

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