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Extended Fishing Report: Friday 2018-08-14


Today will have great conditions with winds east to northeasterly about 10 knots and seas below 1 metre. Tomorrow will have more great conditions with winds northwesterly to northeast mostly to 10 knots with seas below 1 metre. With the great conditions try where Cougar One fished North Reef on Saturday where they caught pearl perch, cobia, Maori cod, gold spot cod, venus tusk fish and grass sweetlip. Snapper, long tail tuna, cobia, pearl perch, tusk fish from the Gneerings. Snapper, pearl perch, cobia, jew and tusk fish from the Barwon Banks. Snapper, grass sweetlp, moses perch and parrot from Murphy's. Snapper and good sweetlip off Coolum around Old Women Island. Double Island Point reefs producing good quality snapper, some nice red emperor, pearl perch, moses perch, tusk fish and a number of quality cobia. The crews on Rainbow Escape Charters had several quality snapper, amberjack and some good red emperor, moses perch and some quality gold spot cod, tusk fish, sweetlip, out wide on local reefs and 20nm east of the Wide Bay Bar.

Out and around Hervey Bay: The Bay and Sandy Straits, has been fishing well with good catches of snapper, sweetlip, blackall, school mackerel, cod and golden trevally on most of the inshore reefs. Also reasonable grassy sweetlip, a few coral trout, tuskfish, quality keeper snapper and cod have been taken around Rooney Point. A few quality longtail tuna in Platypus bay. School mackerel and chopper tailor are feeding throughout the bay. A few big queenfish feeding throughout the Straits and in the Burrum River. Bream, school mackerel, bonito, Jew and longtail tuna as well as a few good flathead and whiting off and around the Urangan Jetty. Flathead off the beaches between Burrum Heads and Urangan. A few thread fin salmon, bream and reasonable flathead in the creeks that feed into the Straits. Whiting around Gatakers Bay and Toogoom.

Estuaries and Beaches

Fraser Island: Dart in the low tide gutters and tailor right along the beach. A few bigger tailor and dart feeding around right along the beaches. Mulloway in the deeper gutters along the eastern beach, particularly overnight. A few good sand whiting, bream and good dart in the shallow gutters. On the western side of Fraser island there’s been plenty of whiting and catches of flathead and trevally, while in the creeks and the flats there’s a few good solid bream bream and flathead. You should get the crab pots ready for some mud crabs feeding in the creeks

Please remember the tailor run closed season applies from midday, the 1st August to midday 30th September 2018. During the closure, the taking of all fin fish is prohibited within an area from a point 400m north of Waddy Point to a point 400m south of Indian Head, and 400m out to sea from low water. For more information visit www.fisheries.qld.gov.au, call 13 25 23 or download the free ‘Qld Fishing’ app from Apple and Google app stores.

Rainbow Beach: Dart, and good tailor in the gutters all along the beach from Inskip Point to Double Island Point. Try for mulloway and bigger tailor have been moving through the gutters particularly at night and try tailor at dawn and dusk and go for quality flathead, in the deeper gutters, dart, whiting in the gutters through the day at Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point and Teewah Beach. A few good whiting, bream and dart up the beach and around Inskip Point. Tin Can Bay is fishing well for a few good tailor whiting, plenty of good bream, big flathead and trevally.

Local Dams and Rivers: Quality bass at Boondooma Dam, with the schooling fish feeding close to the bottom in many areas of the main basin. Check out Southern Queensland Fishing facebook page, for more Dam and other comprehensive fish catch, Information including https://www.facebook.com/MatthewMottSportsFishing live weekly Report. Borumba Dam has had bass and saratoga caught in the shallow weed beds and around lilypads on surface walkers and purple spinnerbaits. Also worth a try on soft and hard lure in the main Basin have a go at Borumba Flat which is at the end of the basin as well as the junction of the Yabba and Kingham arms around the 10 m depths. Ice Jigs, 1/4 oz blades,spoons and tail spinners will all produce fish, wish catches to 50 cm.The deeper water in the main basin of Lake MacDonald is producing good bass The fishing will improve further as we move through spring with more good fish to be taken on 1/4oz spinnerbaits hopping blades, spoons and soft vibes. Trolling the bubble trail and casting around the 3 Way area for schooling bass works well The Switchblades have the action for good bass out of the Tiaro stretch of the Mary River so get some Smak 16 and Brolga on the troll and TT Blades.

Noosa: Good flathead and bream around the river mouth and some nice diamond and golden trevally at the Woods Bays. Noosaville has had good whiting and flathead with the bream around the structures. Tewantin and Cooroibah has a few good fish on the bite.

Maroochydore: Try for tailor bream, trevally and jew at night from the river mouth the and at the Cod Hole and upstream to Bli Bli. Quality flathead around the Bli Bli area and in the mouth of Eudlo Creek. Mangrove jack showing up and trevally in Petrie Creek. Quality whiting in the lower river.

Mooloolaba: Bream, the odd tailor and golden trevally from the boat moorings. Whiting from the flats above McKenzies Bridge. Bream and mangrove jack at night around McKenzies Bridge. Bream, tailor and jew at night off the rocks at Point Cartwright.

Caloundra: Whiting, bream and still a few tailor in the gutters along the beaches from the rocky headland and tip of Bribie. Flathead from the skids. Jacks are showing up so its worth trying the snaggy or structured areas for mangrove jack throughout the creeks and Passage.

If you would like to see your photo in the paper, please email details and photo as a Jpeg attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also check out www.swanboathire.com.au

Noel Rossiter from Southern Queensland Fishing face book Page with a huge cod

Have a look at Noel Rossiter, from Southern Queensland Fishing with a huge cod taken north of Double Island Point, recently.

Marc Horton StephensFinn Noosa River late Saturday

Finn Horton-Stephensfished the Noosa River with his Dad Marc last weekend for this huge golden trevally. Finn and Marc fished the Noosa River late Saturday morning. Finn hooked into a stonker golden trevally and 29 minutes later (spooled with only 6lb mono and some crazy boat skills by Dad) the fish was finally netted. It went under boats, up and down the river and into the mangroves. Released in perfect condition after much cheering and high fives!!! Caught on our last pilly!

Alison McDonald 2bass Mary River

Allison Mcdonald with Bass at Borumba

Alison McDonald with her TT switch blade used for fishing the Mary River near Tiaro for some good Bass.

Sonny the Gun Gibbson

Have a look at Sonny the Gun Gibbson with a nearly 1 metre long dusky flathead caught and released Saturday in his secret location in the Pumicestone Passage

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